Task: Take a cause and use solely typography to educate and shock the world.

Direction: The awareness of the tampon tax in the US is growing but a comfortable space for dialogue is limited. Our audience is people who may be uncomfortable or 'grossed out' by the period conversation and feel targeted, or intimidated by graphic portrays of menstruation and radically feminist campaigns. 

Solution: Substitute graphic imagery with typographically symbolic images to open the floor for conversation about taxing tampons.

Print: Tampons are taxed the same as alcohol, cigarettes, and ammo. Using typography, we created the shapes of these items to visually explain tax on tampons. These print ads will be placed in local areas like malls and subways, and magazines.

Digital Touchpoint: The problem is that many are unaware of the tampon tax. To bring knowledge of this problem we created a quiz that will live in public areas like malls and airports. Each quiz will ask the question “Which item is taxed.” 

Outdoor Touchpoint: Tampons are taxed as either a luxury item or a sin tax. Items that are taxed as a sin tax are described as harmful or undesirable. The reality is tampons do no harm, so we listed the side effects of the other sin tax products to bring understanding.

Art Direction: Courtney King

Strategy: Sylvi Lyster

Copy: Gretchen Henderson