For the University of Oregon's advertising program all students must complete a capstone class. During this course students are placed in teams, given a client, and asked to create a full campaign using a given budget.

Here is our, unusual, but ultimately victorious idea that was selected out of two classes and 11 teams as the winner. 

TEDx Posters: A series of three relatable posters will be dispersed throughout the city of Cordova in public spaces to get the community members excited about and event that honors the unique culture of Cordova.

TEDx Booklet: These customized booklets will be given out to the TEDx Cordova attendees as well as a select 100 individuals on the West Coast in order to pass on the important messages and ideas shared at the TEDx Cordova event.

TEDx Website: This website will be TEDx Cordova's primary promotional outlet to reach people inside and outside of Cordova's community. It will provide information including the event's location, speakers, and other event material. 

TEDx Social Media:  Instagram will give TEDx Cordova the opportunity to share photos of the event and attendee testimonials. Twitter will allow TEDx Cordova to increase its audience by promoting the event through informative blurbs and allow people to share memorable moments and the TEDx video itself. Facebook will allow TEDx Cordova to increase its audience by promoting the event and allowing the continuation of conversation, as well as sharing the TEDx Cordova video. 

Plans Book:

Art Direction / Design: Courtney King, Joey Pindeo

Copy: Alex Weresh, Nick Salita

Strategy: Courtney King, Alex Weresh, Nick Salita, Andrea Rodriguez, Joey Pinedo

Media Planning: Andrea Rodriguez